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Altan is an academician working on an important clean energy project in the US, suddenly returns to his childhood city Istanbul after the tragic accident which kills both his parents. As the main pillars of his existence demolished, the apartment he grew up becomes the only foundation that he must protect. Threatened by the pressures of neighbors; constructors and everyone with an agenda who demand that the apartment should be demolished, he begins losing his ability to distinguish this grey reality from fantasy. His whole life in this megacity becomes a GO game where he fights with bulldozers.

A small turtle struggling to live in the ruins and an activist radio show host Deren; become Altan’s only companions in his cause.

In a city with a shattered identity, who will win this battle; resistance or destroyers ?

"Dersaadet Apartment is the story of a man who refuses to give up his personal history and identity to the system, standing up against the culture of destruction."

Written by: Tankut Kılınç
Sound: Duygu Çelikkol
Final Mix/Sound Design: Usal Onan Karagözoğlu
Art Director: Savaş Özdemir, Ezgi Altıkulaç
Camera: Arda Yıldıran, Armağan Gündüz, Tankut Kılınç
Production Management: Şenel Gülbudak
Edited by: Fırat Güler, Mesut Ulutaş
Line Producer: Ahmet Küçükkayalı
Executive Producer: Zamier Ahmed
Producer: Selda Oknas, Tankut Kılınç
Directed by: Tankut Kılınç

Director's Statement

İstanbul, the city where I live, is fighting for its life. The great history and culture of the city are set for destruction under rapid overdevelopment under rent-seeking urban renewal initiatives. As the city is destroyed, in a sense, so are the people in it. The City of the Seven Hills, the poetic heart of two continents, is about to drown in metal and concrete. I had to speak out against this process: With “Dersaadet Apartment”, I want to call out to people to protect their own cities and their identities.

“Dersaadet Apartment” is the story of emotional human trauma in an alienating fast-changing urban environment. The film questions the man’s role in changing the face of the earth, poverty and environmental degredation.

Tankut Kılınç was born in 1974 in Ankara – Turkey. He graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Cinema-Tv Dept. He directed short movies such as; Puppets and masters, Babamin Kulesi, Mavide Dans, Küçük Usta. He worked as production coordinator at TRT (national turkish tv-radio channel). Directed advertorials on TV8 channel. “Ice cream, I scream’ (Dondurmam Gaymak) feature film that he worked as the producer and the 2nd director, was nominated as foreign language film for 79th Academy Awards from Turkey (2007). Dondurmam Gaymak, won several national and international awards. He directed tv series for TRT (Evimin erkegi), and for STAR channel (Benden Baba Olmaz). He directed “Smap III Gokova’’ documentary. He worked as line producer on “Last Nomads in Anatolia: Sarıkeçililer” won best documentary at 42th Golden Orange Film Festival, Antalya-Turkey. He produced and directed “Dust in: Dakar Diaries” documentary series for TRT channel. He directed Sevdaluk Tv series for SHOW channel.


Hüseyin Hüsnü Karşın

Altan Devrim

Janset Paçal

Deren & Simurg

Gürsel Akay


Nurcan Yanık

Dersaadet manager

Hilmi Özçelik


Zeki Ocak


Coraline Chapatte


Yüksel Aksu

Horse-drawn carriage driver

Nazlı Demet Uyanık

TV Speaker

Hakan Karaman


Kudret Kurtcebe

Urban poet

Burç Emre Altuntaş


Levent Aras

Truck driver

Ayşim Yener

Woman in the car

Viktor Albükrek

Uncle Viktor


Concert band


  • Dersaadet Apartmanı filmimiz 74. Cannes Film Festival bünyesinde düzenlenen Avrupa Film Pazarı / Marché du Film Turkish Pavillon etkinliğinde uzun metraj filmler kataloğunda!

  • Turkuaz Aslan Cesur sinemacı ödülü yönetmen Tankut Kılınç'a

    İstanbul Uluslararası Nartugan Film Festivali, Turkuaz Aslan Cesur Sinemacı Ödülü, Dersaadet Apartmanı filmiyle yönetmenimiz Tankut Kılınç’a verildi.

    2020 21 Aralık’ta; güneşin doğum gününde, güneş kültüründen gelen ve her topluluğun hikayesine açık olarak gerçekleştirilen İstanbul International Nartugan Film Festival (IINFF), 7 cesur sinemacıyı yaşadıkları zorluklara rağmen gerçekleştirdikleri güzel filmleri dolayısıyla çok anlamlı bir destek ödülü; Turkuaz Aslan ile ödüllendirdi.

    IINFF hakkında daha fazla bilgiye ve Turkuaz Aslan Cesur sinemacı heykelciği kazanan tüm yönetmenlere linkteki videodan. ulaşabilirsiniz.

  • Nil Dumansızoğlu from Capital magazine made an interview with our producer Selda Oknas about her first movie, Dersaadet Apartment. During the interview Selda Oknas highlighted that the business world should consider being an investor not only to young innovators but also creatives. You can check it out by flipping through pages of Capital magazine December issue's 4 page interview. Enjoy!

  • Our interview with On The Record crew is online! It was a pleasure to answer all the good questions had lead us to share our experience and thoughts about "making a independent movie" especially ups and downs of owning an independent movie as well as Altın Portakal Film Festival, Dersaadet Apartment and human-space relations. Here are the answers given by our director Tankut Kılınç and our actrist Janset Paçal, actors Hüsnü Hüseyin Karşın & Gürsel Tekin.

  • World and Turkey premiere was held by 57. Altın Portakal Movie Festival on 8th of October with the participation of our director Tankut Kılınç, actors Hüsnü Hüseyin Karşın, Janset Paçal, Gürsel Akay and our producer Selda Okyay. Check our red carpet photos from the premiere night!

  • Join us on instagram to follow our movie festival diaries and back stage photos!

  • Watch Dersaadet Apartment on 8th of October at 57th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival! Our movie will be screened nearby the Cam Piramit outside, under the stars. Check the full festival programme here

  • The line-up has been revealed for the National Feature Film Competition of the 57th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival! The line-up of 12 films was selected from the 47 submissions received for this year’s competition including our movie Dersaadet Apartment. Read here...

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